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Leading providers of public safety software for counties, police stations, and correctional facilities.
UNIT is dedicated to serving our clients with modern innovations.

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All you need - in UNIT

UNIT - modern public safety software

Our technology was made simple and easy to use, we didn't however leave any features out. Designed with the help of facilities, our secure and versatile management solutions assists in staff operations, while aiding to fulfill unique facility needs. Our mission serves to improve the lives of every person we serve, and to provide solutions that benefit everyone.

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Our software was built for the modern age, delivering scalable, performance enhanced, and reliable solutions.


UNIT Innovations not only reduces county liability, we improve the lives of inmates, and create better work environments for personnel.

Robust & Secure

Our software has 99.99% uptime, and all connections are secure and safe for authorized viewers.

We take pride in innovations

For years we have provided clients with state-of-the-art technologies that challenge the status quo

Approved and advanced by those who best understand the industry, we provide features that enhance facility operations and reform the future.

Fresh ideas into the public safety industry. For years we have brought the latest technologies into the public safety industry to ensure only the best for our clients.

Innovation was built in from the ground up in all of our products, at every possibility we strive to include more features for more efficient and intuitive use.

Our future

For years we have built state-of-the-art software, and we don't plan on stopping

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We’ve added over a thousand features to our products, and work to improve every day

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Innovate. Improve. Reform. Enhance.


Modernizing Correctional Facilities


Reforming Inmate Interactions