Astral is delivering more robust, customizable, and advanced systems for government agencies through no-code.
What is no-code?

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Fits to your operations

Static enterprise systems are difficult in rapidly changing environments. Keep your agency up to speed with a system that molds with you.

Designable User Interface

Interfaces in Astral are built to mold with the way you like doing things.

Dark Mode and Light Mode
Configurable Screens
Quickly Update Dashboards
Rapidly Add New Interfaces

Buildable Data and Integrations

A rapidly changing environment requires systems that rapidly change with you.

Configure Datasets
Rapidly Integrate Legacy Systems
Quickly update and re-model schemas

We don't believe in one-size fits all

We worked tirelessly with our clients for over 5 years to come to what is now known as Astral. The agencies we worked with discussed how the software they were buying wasn't flexible, robust, and future proof. Integrations were difficult, updates required long change orders, and they still had to use excel for over 30% of their workflows. We set out to change this with Astral and the power of no-code.

Astral Solutions

Astral has been deployed across a variety of use cases across government. Our clients include agencies of all sizes across the US.

Astral in Government

Astral was built specifically for government requirements.


Built with government in mind, Astral is up to date on the latest compliance requirements. Read More.

Reliability and Security

Deployed in government clouds, Astral delivers robust reliability and security for the strictest of agencies. Read More.

Training and Onboarding

Qualified and extensive training materials and on-boarding processes mean you are always up-to-date on our system.


Our support team has years of experience working with government partners and are here to support your journey.