UNIT mobilizes staff and relieves administrators.

When staff are mobile they need a tool customized to their assignments. Administrators need real-time reporting on this data. UNIT solves this.

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Mobilize your staff

All the necessary features that fit both staff and administrator needs.

Rounds Verification
Encrypted sensors ensure staff were at a location when they say they were
Notes by Voice or Text
Custom tasks built through integrations with existing systems
Checklists and Logs
Build customizable logs and checklists for mobile operations
Offline Mode
UNIT works online or off, and can store over a million operations before needing to sync

Providing staff the tools they need to complete their jobs while mobile

UNIT was built to make staff's lives easier, more efficient, and accountable.

Software + Hardware

See how a combination of hardware and software makes UNIT

Customizable Tasks

Explore all the possible ways staff can utilize UNIT for their job tasks

Location Verification

Learn about the power of UNIT location verification with encrypted sensors


Watch how truly simple and easy to use UNIT is for staff to pick up and go


Better understand how UNIT takes security at the hardware and software level seriously

Oversight and Reporting

See the power of oversight and reporting with UNIT

Real-Time Database

See how a truly real-time database benefits managers and administration

Giving administration compliance, peace of mind, and accountability

UNIT provides administration to enterprise level security and reporting needed for their staff's mobile operations

How staff use UNIT

Watch how easily staff use UNIT every say

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Administrator Benefits

Find out how unit benefits administrators

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Virtual Demo

Explore a virtual demo of UNIT

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