Astral Platform
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Rapid Application Deployment,
Data Integration and Operational Platform

Rapidly deployable software solution designed for configurable workflows and interaction of data

Enables AI/ML interaction with data repositories to increase user situational awareness and context development

Multiple modules with extensive features sit on top of the data integration pipelines to provide end-users simple and intuitive experience

Configured to work on mobile devices and if disconnected from the network, the devices will continue to process and store data until connectivity and data peering is restored

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Rapid Application Development
We create new applications quickly and have users interacting with the system within hours, which reduces long repetitive technology startup activities and lets us focus on the user's needs.
AI/ML integration layer enables algorithms to be used in conjunction with user workflows
We believe that AI/ML algorithms computational power plus human contextualization capabilities provides greater efficiencies for end-users and organizational processes.
Data repository integration methods designed to support a variety of security and scale requirements
We can reduce costs of data storage by conducting federated searches and can securely integrate approved data sources while still supporting the authentication requirements.
Mobile applications seamlessly integrate with Astral platform
Data aggregated and displayed in the field has tangible immediate impacts, especially in a rapidly evolving environment.
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Business Workflows
Deploy workflows and application systems in a matter of hours.
Increased operational insight and intuitive applications.
Manage multiple systems and layers of authentication and data.
Alerts & Monitoring
Powerful alerting, monitoring, and audit trails built in.
Artificial Intelligence
AI/ML ready to deploy on new and existing data repositories.
Integrate sensors and external data sources easily.


We have supported the requirements of some of the largest correctional facilities, health care initiatives, mission critical applications and more.

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