Palo Pinto County, Texas Jail

October 30, 2018

The Palo Pinto County Jail in North Central Texas has been using a paper log system for decades before coming on board to Premises. Not only did they feel this was inefficient but they wanted to get ahead of the curve when the Texas Commission of Jail Standards released that they would begin to require these systems across the State of Texas. We sat down with them after implementation of the Premises Platform to learn how much it has changed their lives day to day and what it was like getting it implemented. Additionally we recorded a testimonial below from Captain Gregg Doyle's which we hope will inform future clients in the value of Premises.

What features did Palo Pinto County Jail feel changed the way they work? The Palo Pinto County Jail found that the alerts and notifications have completely improved the way they work in the facility. They no longer will forget or need egg timers to remind them of rounds due to the audio alerts of the Premises device. Officers can now fully focus on other facility tasks or offender discussions since they can rely on the Premises Platform to keep them on task for rounds. Palo Pinto County also uses Premises for maintenance tasks and general facility rounds. Additionally, the Ranger workflow has given them an extremely versatile way of recording when nurses or other staff come in to the facility or if they needed to check on an offender outside of normal round times.

The Palo Pinto County jail also utilizes a real time monitor which gives them a full overview over devices in the facility, which one's are currently doing a round, are due soon, or are late in real time. They have found that staff have been able to save drastic amounts of time with the Premises Platform.

What was the staff pushback from moving to the Premises System? During the initial roll-out of Premises the Palo Pinto County Jail found huge pushback from the officers and staff. Captain Gregg Doyle said this lasted for around 30-45 days and after that staff now "love and rely on the Premises Platform". Additionally, they found that training new users and getting them on the system has been extremely easy and takes under 5-10 minutes.

How has compliance and auditing changed since Premises? The Palo Pinto County Jail has found that audits and overall compliance have become much easier. With Premises reporting features they are able to quickly find records on any day, any sensor, and any officer to comply with jail standards. Additionally, having a complete system of record that can go back to any date ensures that their compliance is completely under control. </p><h5>How has Premises improved Palo Pinto Counties rounds?

Palo Pinto County has seen a drastic reduction in late and missed checks on inmates and facility tasks. When using paper logs they found that many times things were missed or unreported. Additionally using Premises they have found that staff spend more time checking and conversing with offenders which has improved safety and overall well being.

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