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Helping correctional staff manage COVID-19.  

Inmates have tablets. Staff have UNIT.

Give your staff the mobile tool they will love to use and the reporting your administration needs. Use for suicide prevention, reducing liability, and much more.

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unit MObilizes staff in correctional facilities

See exactly how UNIT works with a virtual demo below.

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Imagine your logbooks could talk, verify, and be all-in-one

UNIT keeps staff on task. With reminders and verification, staff stay accountable.

"When I carry UNIT with me I know exactly what I need to do and when I need to do it. In a busy day it reminds me what's necessary and makes it easier to log. It's like my little buddy."
Mike, Jail Admin at Sabine County Sheriff's Office

Administration deserve real-time oversight and reporting

Customizable reports on every staff member, task, and timeframe provide a better way to keep your facility efficient and compliant.

"UNIT gives me real-time reporting into rounds, cell checks and everything my staff does. My facility stays safe, compliant, and reduced of liability."
Captain Gregg Doyle, Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Office

100% accountable cell checks and location verification

Encrypted sensors allow staff to verify they were doing rounds or cell checks and for administrators to maintain accountability.

"UNIT was the solution my staff needed for their rounds and logbooks. It's essential for us to report on this information."
Sheriff Maddox, Sabine County. President of Texas Sheriff's Association
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Move all your daily operations to UNIT

Plug and play what your staff need to do. Need to confirm they were at a location, need to take form data, or need to log an action? There's a task for it.

Rounds Verification
Encrypted sensors ensure staff were at a location when they say they were
Notes by Voice or Text
Custom tasks built through integrations with existing systems
Checklists and Logs
Build customizable logs and checklists for mobile operations
Offline Mode
UNIT works online or off, and can store over a million operations before needing to sync

Our mobile devices are locked-down and your data is secure

We ensure that your staff will only be using UNIT on the device. And your data is completely secure in the cloud.