How does no-code work?

Through simple drag and drop interfaces you can define the screens you see, the data you work with, roles for your users, integrations, and much more. You can configure your system just the way you like it with the power and reliability of an engineer.

What does no-code mean for you?

Move Off Lingering Excel and Paper

We have seen in many cases that critical workflows are still run of excel. With a no-code system you can embed these workflows directly in the platform.

Design Your Own Customized Systems

Many legacy systems limit you to what was built in from the beginning. No-code allows you to design the user-interfaces that work best for your agency.

Deploy Our Pre-Built Templates

No-code templates built by our team allow you to get running with mission critical use cases faster.

Integrate New Technologies Quicker

With new technologies entering the landscape every day, a no-code system allows you to integrate and utilize these innovations faster than before.

Explore Astral Solutions

Astral has been deployed across a variety of use cases across government. Our clients include agencies of all sizes across the US.