The system of systems.

Astral is a government focused no-code application and data environment with robust pre-built solutions to extend and replace legacy systems.

Trusted by

Astral operates with you

Advanced Designable UI

Custom, Pre-Built, and Configurable interfaces that work the way you want them to.

No-Code Environment

Operate outside of static systems and mold data to your work.
What is no-code?

Built in Government Clouds

Deployed in secure and compliant government clouds for upmost reliability.

Plug-and-play AI models

Deploy AI/ML Models into your systems with ease.

Robust data visualization

Advanced queries, charting, and visualization of all your data.


Modernize and extend legacy applications with easy integrations.

Designed for Mission Critical Operations

Astral has been deployed across a variety of use cases across government. Our clients include agencies of all sizes across the US.

Endless configurations means evolving software

Fits to your operations

Static enterprise systems are difficult in rapidly changing environments. Keep your agency up to speed with a system that molds with you.

Designable User Interface

Interfaces in Astral are built to mold to the way you like doing things.

Dark Mode and Light Mode
Configurable Screens
Quickly Update Dashboards
Rapidly Add New Interfaces

Buildable Data and Integrations

A rapidly changing environment requires systems that rapidly change with you.

Configure Datasets
Rapidly Integrate Legacy Systems
Quickly update and remodel schemas

Powering what matters for our clients

"Vital for our officers"

Palo Pinto County chose UNIT to aid their officers in the field and jail.

Gregg Doyle

"Completely changed our operations"

LVMPD jail is safer, more efficient, and more prepared.


"Fits how we like it"

Sabine County was able to deploy affordable solutions that fit them.

Tom Maddox