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Helping staff manage COVID-19.  

Mobile staff assistant and administrator lifeline

Give your staff the mobile tool they will love to use and the reporting your administration needs. Use UNIT for suicide prevention, reducing liability, and much more.

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unit MObilizes staff in correctional facilities

See exactly how UNIT works with a virtual demo below.

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Staff stay on task, on schedule, and accountable while mobile

UNIT is secure and locked-down to keep staff on task. With reminders and verification, staff stay accountable. Most importantly, it's easy and fun to use.

Administrators gain real-time reporting

Customizable reports on every staff member, task, and timeframe provide a better way to keep your organization efficient and compliant.

No matter what your staff do there's a task for it

Plug and play what your staff need to do. Need to confirm they were at a location, need to take form data, or need to log an action? There's a task for it.

Location Verification
Sensor tags ensure staff were at a location when they say they were
Custom tasks built through integrations with existing systems
Forms and Checklists
Build customizable logs and checklists for mobile operations
Hardware Devices
From bluetooth thermometers to IoT devices there's a connection
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Fortune 100 companies, government, and small businesses all utilize UNIT to mobilize their staff and improve operations

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Explore how UNIT manages rounds, logbooks, and much more.

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Explore how UNIT manages COVID-19 temperature screens and protocols.

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