How We Started

We worked tirelessly with our clients for over 5 years to come to what is now known as Astral. The agencies we worked with discussed how the software they were buying wasn't flexible, robust, and future proof. Integrations were difficult, updates required long change orders, and they still had to use excel for over 30% of their workflows. We set out to change this with Astral and the power of no-code.

Our values

Here are a few values that we hold and work to portray each and every day with our clients.


For government agencies, nothing is more important than being able to rely on mission critical systems.


We believe in moving our goalpost of success each and every day to ensure that we never stay static and unchanged.


We believe that state, local, and federal agencies deserve to tap into the latest in technology advances for all of their needs.

Lasting Relationships

The partnerships we forge with our clients are meant to last. We hold this dearly by ensuring our clients always have our latest technology available to them.


We work with agencies coast to coast in the US.

Los Angeles, CA

Executive and Engineering

San Antonio, TX

Sales, Support, and Operations

Washington DC

Product and Business Development