Jail Management System

The first jail management system that lets you configure it down to every screen, field, and dashboard - with included mobile technology for officers.

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Everything you need baked in. Everything you want configurable.

The first JMS that isn't one-size fits all.


Improve booking speed while collecting more data in your facility.

Classifications and Incidents

Configurable classifications and incident reports help you maintain safety and compliance.


Medical information built in for tracking safety and staff operations.

Mobile Enabled

Included mobile technology delivers safety, efficiency, and compliance benefits. Learn more about mobile.

Delivering in mission critical environments

Reliable and Secure First.

Deploy a jail management system that you can rely on with 99.99% uptime, secure CJIS records, and customizable integrations.


Integrate with your current health records, RMS, and much more. Or more of our solutions.

Cloud Based

Secure in CJIS compliant government clouds.

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