Maintenance Inspections, Logging and Tracking Software

Manage field inspections, preventative maintenance, logging, tracking, and digital forms with reliable mobile software from UNIT.

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Built for healthcare environments

Locked down to our software and prepared for behavioral health and long-term care.

Tracking & Logging

Track maintenance logs, digital forms, and more on one mobile device.

Audible Reminders & Staff Workflows

Help staff get the job done with audible/visual reminders and a whole host of staff focused workflows.


Digital forms for maintenance inspections and compliance.


Integrate with your current systems.

Delivering in mission critical environments

Enable administration to better monitor and act

Ensure your operations are running safely, securely, and in compliance with technology built for you.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor every log, round, and action in the real-time.

Configurable Reports

Quickly print pre-built reports or make your own for compliance and admin.

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