Centurion Health

Centurion Health is a leader in correctional healthcare and partner for technology solutions.

UNIT Innovations and Centurion Health Partner Together to Ensure Reliable Care in Correctional Facilities

Centurion Health has always been dedicated to implementing modern healthcare technology to support its correctional partners and maintain the highest quality of care. To achieve that end, Centurion has partnered with UNIT Innovations, a leading provider of software solutions that drive efficient, cost-effective, and transformative change for companies in the public sector.

As a premier correctional healthcare provider, Centurion is deeply committed to providing efficient yet clinically effective healthcare solutions, so a partnership with UNIT Innovations was a perfect fit. The goal of this partnership aims to further the delivery of safe and reliable care within correctional environments through technology.

More About Centurion Health

Centurion Health is a leading provider of health services to incarcerated populations in the United States, with a focus on caring for patients in correctional facilities, state hospitals, juvenile centers, and community health clinics. As a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, Centurion has the resources to provide solutions that stretch nationwide and the commitment to deliver personal, local patient care. In fact, Centurion’s team adheres to the belief of delivering healthcare “beyond patient care”.“ With over 8,000 clinical and administrative professionals working at hundreds of locations across 16 states, Centurion provides customer-centric medical and mental health services and staffing solutions to ensure all patients receive exceptional care when they need it most. 

Centurion is committed to progress and delivering modern solutions using state-of-the-art technology. In fact, it is one of only two correctional healthcare companies to offer URAC-accredited telehealth services. In 2021, Centurion also announced its partnership with the Florida Department of Corrections to transition to a statewide electronic medical record (EMR) system instead of using paper medical records. This modern implementation helped integrate major institutions on a single platform and reduce the amount of administrative time spent by healthcare providers, allowing them to provide better patient care. These updates are just part of Centurion’s promise to deliver correctional healthcare as a fundamental part of public health through cutting-edge technology and comprehensive care.   

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Learn more about Centurion Health at https://www.centurionmanagedcare.com/.