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Corrections Technology Solutions and the 2021 Grant Funding Landscape

Strategies and tools that you should use to formulate effective grant applications for your mobile technology projects.

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Due to the mobile nature of a correction officer's job, officers require adept technology to manage all of their duties. Mobile technology, including handheld devices, tablets, and smartwatches will improve daily operations considerably. Effective technology will allow correctional officers to gain real-time information, enhance communication between staff, and improve inmate safety and tracking systems.

The Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, State public safety agencies, and more offer readily available grant funding for corrections mobility programs. Applicants will decide which area of their operations require mobile technology (decreasing response time, managing safety rounds and observational checks, tracking medical care, etc.).

To begin constructing your grant application, establish a clear objective for your project. For instance, "Our project will enable correctional officer's ability to organize and track inmates' various medical care needs." After determining a clear objective, the rest of the grant application will need to explain why this project is necessary and which devices are essential for achieving this project.

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