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Reducing Cost in Government Software

By reducing the cost of government software we can rapidly foster innovation and improve day to day work.

Governments and public agencies have a large opportunity to reduce the cost of their technology spend. They have made significant progress in the past decade, but there is still not enough focus on the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO covers all costs associated with IT services, including acquisition, operations, maintenance, training and support. Â This includes the actual cost of the technology, the cost of the people who operate it, the cost of the people who maintain it and the cost of the people who use it. IT is a large part of any organization's cost structure and the costs are often significant. Â Governments need to rethink their approach to IT asset management, change the way they buy technology and manage technology service contracts. Â Often governments don't compare the cost of the technology with the cost of its replacement. Â Regularly comparing the costs of the technology with its replacement is essential for good IT asset management.

Through the use of innovative technology and the right partners, government agencies can reduce the cost of their technology while improving day to day operations.

Technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, and it’s now available in the form of apps, cloud computing, and other technologies to help government agencies improve service delivery to their constituents. Agencies with antiquated technology can improve their capabilities by reducing costs and improving efficiencies through the use of new technology.

Government agencies can reduce costs and improve service delivery by adopting new technologies that are available in the form of cloud computing, mobile apps, and other technologies. One of the best examples of technology improving government operations is the way many agencies are using mobile apps to make their operations more efficient and responsive to their constituents.

Mobile apps are the most cost-effective form of technology available today. Agencies can develop and deploy their own mobile apps, or they can purchase them from third-party vendors.

There are many systems and operations that can be improved through cost effective technology acquisition. This is something we here at UNIT Innovations are particularly working towards for our clients.