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UNIT Innovations Response To Coronavirus Concerns In Jails & Prisons

Our response to the COVID-19 Pandemic for our clients.

In light of coronavirus concerns, we have been working with our customers to get some aid and solutions developed for these issues in jails and prisons across the country. In the coming days, all of our customers will be receiving a software update to accomplish goals around screening, preparedness, liability concerns, and emergency information.

In the coming days, all of our customers will be receiving a software update to accomplish a few goals:

Quick Screening. For any visitors, staff members, inmates, and others whom protocols need screening, you will be able to quickly screen anyone at the facility and ensure this data is stored and reportable. If there are extra screening questions you would like added to your devices we will cover this in discussion.
Liability Logging and Preparedness. Under light of potentially large liability concerns, you all will be able to log, keep track of, and report on all preparedness, cleaning, and other protocols being put in place. As with normal rounds, you will retain complete oversight, reminders, and more to ensure these tasks are being accomplished and you have the data logs available in the case of an incident occurring.
Emergency Information for Officers and Staff. Officers and staff will be able to access emergency information quickly on the device in case of an incident.
These features are being pushed free of charge and are available immediately. Under this time of immense pressure we hope that the industry responds and works to ensure that the novel coronavirus does not leave devastating impacts on facilities across the country. Our response hopes to curtail and manage the potential risk that an outbreak would leave on the facilities we work with.