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UNIT Innovations and SafeJail Announce Partnership to Rapidly Deploy Correctional Health Facilities

UNIT Innovations has entered into a partnership with SafeJail to develop integrated modular health facilities for the correctional industry. These two companies have joined forces to offer solutions to jails and prisons in order to effectively protect the health of correctional officers, inmates and citizens in response to the spread of COVID-19 and other highly infections diseases.

UNIT Innovations’ advanced systems provide health tracking, mobile technology, inmate monitoring, reporting, and was expanded to include a COVID-19 module this year. The combination of secure mobile devices, encrypted sensors, and modern web systems have enhanced operations, reporting, compliance, and innovation in correctional facilities across the US.

SafeJail has developed a series of pre-engineered designs that are fabricated off-site Indiana manufacturing facilities. These modular designs for correctional health facilities meet all American Correctional Association (ACA) Standards and local building code requirements. 

By partnering, UNIT Innovations and SafeJail provide jails and prisons new and emergency medical and isolation capacity that is immediately operational and integrates seamlessly with current jail systems. Ethan Aldrich, chief executive of UNIT Innovations says, “working with SafeJail is energizing, both our companies know the importance of deploying operational solutions in real time. Our joint offering addresses the acute health and infection issues correctional facilities from all parts of the nation are facing right now.”

Tim Stephens, chief executive of SafeJail says “I am excited about the additional possibilities this partnership provides our clients. UNIT Innovations has pioneered the integration of critical operational data while we focus on rapidly deployable facility expansions. Together we have the opportunity to address the current crisis in health capacity in corrections.”

UNIT Innovations sensors and software will be deployed as a standard feature of SafeJail’s pre-engineered designs from SafeJail. These temporary facilities can be purchased by local government entities and state prison executives using CARES Act monies. Lease terms are also available. 

To learn more about UNIT Innovations please visit, email, or call 210-765-9650.

To learn more about SafeJail’s correctional medical facilities or specific custom needs, please contact us at, 855-858-7233,